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Architectural History of SRU

Exhibit of a history of the buildings on SRU campus.

The New North Hall Greets Students

In the year following the fire, North Hall was rebuilt and opened its doors to students. The newly constructed building was built in a colonial style. North Hall is the University’s oldest dormitory, offering current students a traditional residence hall experience.

The Ruins of the Old North Hall

An aerial shot of the ruins of North Hall after the fire.

(Photograph, black and white, 1937)


An Illustration of the Town of Slippery Rock

An illustration of Slippery Rock. In the background is North Hall, accented with white columns, as it was rebuilt after the fire. 

(Illustration, c. 1940s)

Birds_Eye_View_of _Slippery_Rock

What North Hall Looks like Today

North Hall still stands, greeting students and faculty as it has since it was rebuilt. Today, North Hall is also the home of Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions, Academic Services, and Orientation. It also contains a flipped classroom used by the Physics Department.

(Photograph, color, c. 1996)


The President's Residence

The President of the college and his family used to live in North Hall, but after the fire, they were relocated to a new house built near Maltby Library.

(Photograph, black and white, c. 1938)