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Architectural History of SRU

Exhibit of a history of the buildings on SRU campus.

The Twenty-First Century:

Adding to the Legacy of Slippery Rock University

Slippery Rock University continues to grow both in its enrollment and student opportunities. From academics to student life, Slippery Rock maintains its tradition of quality education to the present day. By commissioning new buildings or updating old ones, the University keeps its 130-year-old campus fresh and inviting.

Physical Therapy Building

In 2000, the Physical Therapy (PT) Department moved out of the trailer complex and into a modern facility between Vincent Science Center and Spotts World Culture Building. The photograph to the right is of the ribbon cutting ceremony with provost and future president, Robert M. Smith, standing next to the podium. 

(Photograph, color, 2000)

The Physical Therapy Building

The new Physical Therapy (PT) Building soon after its construction.

(Photograph, color, c. 2000)


Jack Critchfield Park

Jack Critchfield Park, located just a short walk from the ARC and Mihalik-Thompson Stadium, was built in 2002 as the campus's new baseball stadium. The park’s name comes from Dr. Jack Critchfield, a 1955 Slippery Rock alumnus and former baseball pitcher, who donated to the park's construction.

(Photograph, color, c.2002)

The Advanced Technology & Science Hall

Built from 2004 to 2005, the Advanced Technology and Science Hall (ATS) is home of the Chemistry, Computer Science, and Geography/Environmental Science Departments. The ATS has several labs for these departments to share, as well as an artificial intelligence lab for specializing computer science students.

(Photograph, color, c.2005)

Robert M. Smith Student Center

The Robert M. Smith Student Centers sits on the site of the old Bard, Dodds, and Harner Halls. Built in 2012 and designed by D.R.S Architects, this massive construction was a collaboration between the Slippery Rock Student Government Association and University administration.

(Photograph, color, c.2012)

President Robert M. Smith

Dr. Robert M. Smith was Slippery Rock University's president from 2002 to 2012, after his service as provost and interim president. Dr. Smith oversaw the student center’s construction and many other projects at Slippery Rock during his tenure.

(Photograph, color, c.2002)

The New Residence Suites at SRU

W.T.W. Architects most recently designed the residence suites on campus. The construction of these new residence halls display Slippery Rock’s continued growth and need for student housing. This photograph is of Watson Hall, one of the many residence suites built during this period.

(Photograph, color, c.2012)


Dr. Robert J. Watson

Each residence suite is designated with a letter from A to F except for Building C, now known as Watson Hall. This particular suite was dedicated to Dr. Robert J. Watson, author of the book, Slippery Rock University: The Legend Behind the Name. Dr. Watson graduated from Slippery Rock in 1970. He is an advocate for preserving Slippery Rock University memories and traditions for future students.

(Photograph, color, c.2000)