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Architectural History of SRU

Exhibit of a history of the buildings on SRU campus.

An Architectural History of Slippery Rock University

By John Ferrara BA, Slippery Rock University Archives Intern/Researcher

The buildings of Slippery Rock University are an example of how a small, rural community school can grow into a state university with thousands of enrolled students from across the United States and around the world. They also show how this institution, in the face of these changes, remains steadfast in its dedication to educating students to become professionals in their chosen fields of study.

This exhibit features the buildings of Slippery Rock University's past and present. These structures offer insight into the history of the University's growth, and provide a connection to all who have walked on the SRU campus, those who currently walk it, and those who will walk it, either as students or faculty.

Bird's Eye View of Slippery Rock State Teachers College

This mid-century, aerial photograph of what is now Slippery Rock University shows some of the architecture featured in this exhibit.

(Photograph, black and white, c.1940s)