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Architectural History of SRU

Exhibit of a history of the buildings on SRU campus.

The Dormitories of the Expanded Campus

As part of the late 1960s and 1970s construction projects, six dormitories were built at Slippery State College. The following is a description of each of those dormitories as well as the other buildings mentioned in the 1960s and 1970s.

Harner Hall

In 1965, architect C.A. Lake designed a new women’s dormitory on campus. This building, Harner Hall, was dedicated to Lois V. Harner, a former dean of women.

(Photograph, black and white, c.1980)


Bard Hall

Architects, Murovich and Heitzenrater, built this co-ed dormitory in 1968. The building was dedicated to the Bard family, who were among the original founders of Slippery Rock Normal School. In 2006, Bard Hall was demolished, along with Harner and Dodds Halls, to make room for the construction of the Smith Student Center

(Photograph, color, c.1980)

Dodds Hall

Another co-ed dormitory was built in 1969 and was designed by architect Robert T. Scheeren. It took its name from Archie Dodds, an athletic director, professor, and administrator at Slippery Rock State College. Archie Dodd is credited for his dedication as a professor and leader, allowing the Slippery Rock Athletic Program to flourish. The dormitory was dedicated to Mr. Dodds in 1979.

(Photograph, black and white, c.1968)

Model of Dodds Hall

The concept model of Dodds hall created by architect Robert T. Scheeren.

(Photograph, black and white, c.1968)

Founders Hall

The only high-rise residence hall on campus was built in 1974 by Campbell, Rea, Hayes, and Large. This co-ed dormitory was named Founders Hall in honor of the founders of Slippery Rock Normal School. Founders Hall was condemned in the early 2000s and subsequently demolished.  

(Photograph, color, c.1980)