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Architectural History of SRU

Exhibit of a history of the buildings on SRU campus.

The Building Projects of the '80s

In the 1980s, Slippery Rock State College became Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania. The construction projects of this decade were minor compared to that of the previous decades. Construction at this time focused on new areas of study for faculty and students.

Dr. Robert A. Macoskey

Dr. Robert A. Macoskey served as a professor and chair of the Philosophy Department from 1971 until his death in 1990. The Robert A. Macoskey Center for Sustainable Systems Education & Research includes a timber-framed barn and garden sites. These features were all part of Dr. Macoskey's vision to turn the former Harmony Homestead into a center promoting sustainable living technologies.

(Photograph, black and white, c.1987)

Construction at the Harmony Homestead

A photo of the initial renovations at The Harmony Homestead.

(Photograph, color, c.1987)

Continued Construction of the Macoskey Center

The Macoskey Center is powered by solar panels.

(Photograph, color, c.1990)

The Garden at the Center

Today the Robert A. Macoskey Center offers opportunities to both Slippery Rock students and the larger community to learn about the environment and sustainability. They also provide the locality with organic produce.

(Photograph, color, c.1990s)

Physical Therapy Complex

Built in 1988, this multi-modular classroom, laboratory, and office complex was the first home of the Physical Therapy Department. In 2000, the Physical Therapy Department relocated to a new building on campus. 

(Photograph, color, c.1988)