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In addition to the databases located under Company Research and Industry Research, additional databases focused on medical fields index publications that may be useful to Health Care Administration and Management students.  Refer to the list below for some of these databases.


Peer-Reviewed / Not Peer-Reviewed

What is a peer-reviewed journal?

A "peer-reviewed" (also known as a "scholarly" or "refereed") journal is one whose articles must pass a rigorous acceptance process through which a team of impartial experts or scholars in a field have carefully evaluated and vetted each article to ensure it exemplifies the best research practices of the field it is in.

How can I determine if an article is peer-reviewed?

Most library databases have a search option that allows you to indicate you only wish to view peer-reviewed journals or articles.

Another option is to locate the publication the article is published in and read the "about us" and/or "submissions" sections. These may indicate whether or not submissions go through a peer-review process.

Ulrich's Periodicals Directory (see below) is a listing of most of the periodicals (magazines, newspapers, newsletters, journals, etc.) that are available. It is very useful for determining if a publication is peer-reviewed (Ulrich's indicates these as "Refereed" publications) or finding the publication's website and other information so you can check for yourself.

If you need help verifying whether or not a publication is peer-reviewed, you can always contact your friendly librarians at Bailey Library.