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Advertising Books

These are a sampling of the All-American ads series in the library.  Most of the books are shelved in the Research Services section: search the library catalog for the title "All-american ads" to locate their call numbers or ask at the 1st floor Information Desk for the All-American Ads books in the reference collection.

Advertising Websites

Company Profiles

Company profiles provide background information on companies and an overview of that company: they often contain the history of the company and information on the company's products/lines of business and other information. You will find much more information on public companies than you will on private companies: see the "Note on Private Companies" box for some suggestions. 

Searching Difficult to Browse Websites Using Google

Some of the advertising websites listed here are difficult to search: there may not be a built in-search tool, or one that non-members can access.

Fortunately, there is a solution.  Google offers the ability to search individual websites.  Simply insert site: followed by the domain you want to search.

Here is an example using AdFlip, normally difficult to search since only members can use the search tool provided on coke

This will return those results on that specifically mention coke.  Be warned you may need to vary your keywords, and some images may not have text to search for.