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Accounts to Create

You should create the following accounts before you begin your research. These accounts will save you much time and effort when conducting research over the course of a semester.

Retrieving Articles

Retrieving an article from most of the library's databases is usually very simple. Look for a full-text or PDF option in the description of the article or a download option. Below are some examples.

Retrieving an article from an EBSCO database. (Above)

Retrieving an article from ScienceDirect (above).

See also "Articles, Databases, and Interlibrary Loan" page for further information on retrieving articles, especially via Interlibrary Loan!

Direct Export into RefWorks

With a Bailey Library provided RefWorks account, most of Bailey Library's databases can interface directly with RefWorks, allowing the user to save his or her citations, automatically generate a (mostly) correct bibliography/works cited page, and ensure they have an enduring record of their research.

1. To begin, create a RefWorks account. (See above)

2. From there, look for an "export" option in whichever database you are using. Often this option will be given after you have selected the article, but it may also be available on your results page or in your personal account, should you want to highlight multiple articles and export their citation information all at once. Select "Direct Export into RefWorks" or "Export into RefWorks". If neither of these options is available, look for an option that lets you save the file in an RIS format.

3. If prompted, select Legacy RefWorks. (The orange option on the left.)

4. LogIn using your RefWorks account credentials.

5. That's it! Your information should be imported into RefWorks. From there you can use RefWorks to create a bibliography, organize your article citations into folders you create, etc. Contact a librarian if you need assistance.