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Frequently Asked Questions

Article Questions

Do you have the article I am looking for?
To find out if we have a specific article, head to the Catalog and Discovery Search.  Click on Advanced Search on the right side of the page, and then paste the title of the article you need into the first search line.  Click the dropdown on the left, select Title, and hit Search.  If we have the article, it should show up first or near the top of the results page.
Where do I go to search for articles?

Option 1: Catalog and Discovery Search.  Click Advanced Search on the right side of the page.  Under the Material Type dropdown box, select Articles.  Enter your search terms on the provided lines, and hit Search.

Option 2: A-Z Databases List.  Select the database you would like to use and create a search.

Which database should I use for my topic?

Option 1: Go to the A-Z Databases page and use the first dropdown in the menu at the top to navigate by subject.

Option 2: Go to the list of Research Guides and find the one for your subject.

How do I find "peer reviewed" articles?
(AKA scholarly/refereed/academic)

Most databases give you the option to limit your results to peer reviewed journal articles.  Look for this option after you hit Search.  In some databases, it will be on the right side of the page, and in others, it will be on the left, so look for a sidebar-type menu with limiting options to see if peer reviewed is included.

Note: Some databases already only have peer reviewed materials, so please consult a librarian if you have a question about a specific database.

How do I request an article that Bailey Library does not have?

You can submit a request using the ILLIAD Portal.  This service is free to current SRU students and faculty/staff.

(First-Time Users will need to create a login using their SRU email address.)

Database Questions

How do I access the library databases from off-campus?

Go to our list of databases at the A-Z Database page.  Find the database you want by using the alphabetical letters to sort or selecting a subject to narrow by discipline.  Click on the name of the database, and you will be redirected to log in with your SRU credentials.  After you log in, the page will refresh and you will be at the database.

Note: If you try to navigate to a database by searching for it in Google, you will not trigger the SRU pass page that allows the database to authenticate you as an SRU student.

My login information is not working to let me access resources off-campus.
Make sure you are attempting to access the database from the A-Z Database page (see previous question).  If you are doing this and suspect there is a problem with your login information, please contact the Help Desk at
A database appears to be down – who do I contact for help?
If a database is down, you can alert us by using the Ask-A-Librarian form.
Am I able to access databases if I am not a student?
Unfortunately, due to our vendor licenses and restrictions, only current SRU students and faculty/staff are able to access the online databases.