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Understanding Records

Navigating with the Sidebar

Depending on whether you are viewing a collection or an individual record for a series or file, you may or may not see tabs for Collection Overview/Collection Organization/Container Inventory at the top of the page.  However, no matter what type of record you are viewing, there will always be a sidebar on the right side of the page showing the collection organization. 

This sidebar will allow you to navigate through the different levels of the collection quickly and easily.  Use the black arrow to expand a series and see any sub-series or files included in it.  Click on the item you want to view to be taken to that page.

From the main page of the collection only, you also have the option to search within the collection.  Use the search bar and/or date range to search for materials within the collection you are viewing.

For information on how to navigate records using the Collection Overview/Collection Organization/Container Inventory tabs, see below.

Collection Overview Description

The main area of the Collection Overview page provides a description of the collection, as well as things like dates covered in the material, the extent (how much physical space it takes on the shelf in the Archives) of the collection, conditions governing use of the materials, or copyright statements.

You can also expand the accordion sections at the bottom by clicking on them individually or hitting the Expand All button.








Collection Organization Description

The Collection Organization page provides a breakdown of each record included in a collection.  This shows each record in a hierarchy, going from Collection to Series to Sub-Series to File.  Click on any of the items listed in the hierarchy to view more details about that part of the collection.







Container Inventory Description

The Container Inventory provides descriptions of what is included in each container in the collection.  Collections are housed in folders inside of boxes, and the breakdown on a Container Inventory page is split up by box.  Clicking on a box allows you to see what folders and materials are in it.

Not all collections have a Container Inventory tab, so you might not be able to click this for every collection you examine.  This usually happens when collections are one box or less, as an inventory is not necessary in those instances.









Example - Collection Overview

Example of a Collection Page

Example - Collection Organization

Example of a Collection Organization page

Example - Container Inventory

Example of a Container Inventory Page