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Searching ArchivesSpace

Basic Search

Basic Search Bar

When you enter ArchivesSpace, you will arrive at our home page with this search bar.  Here, you can enter any keyword search to find collections and records that contain your keyword anywhere in the record.

Refining Your Search

Screenshot of Refining of Search

When you enter a search in ArchivesSpace, you might find that you have too many or too few results.  To find what you are looking for, you might need adjust your search.  To get back to your initial search, click on Refine Search at the top of the page.  This will open up a search bar where you can make changes to see different results.  You can also click on New Search instead to completely start over.

Advanced Search

Advanced Search Bar

For a more precise search, you can enter Advanced Search mode by clicking the plus sign on the right side of the search area.  This will create a new search line with a dropdown for Boolean Operator selection at the beginning.  In this Advanced Search, you can enter multiple search terms to find records that closely match your needs.  

Also, you can use a few other search options to make your search more accurate.  To the right of each search line, there is a dropdown that says Keyword.  Leaving this on Keyword will search for your term anywhere in the results, and changing this to one of the other options (Title, Creator, or Notes) will limit your search to only that field in the results.  Additionally, you can add a date range to your search using the From and To fields to the right of the dropdowns.