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Sorting Results

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Some tabs allow you to sort records using a dropdown.  Once you click on the dropdown arrow, you can select the way you want the records to display, whether that be by their identifier number, relevance, title in alphabetical order, or year in chronological order.

Filtering Results

Screenshot of Filtering Options

Some tabs allow you to filter records by searching for something specific within the results or by clicking on an already existing descriptor. 

Note: The filter options for the Collections tab are at the bottom of the page.


The Repositories tab is where you will find the landing page for all of the collections and records we have within the Slippery Rock University Archives and Special Collections.  Clicking on this repository will allow you to see a breakdown of our holdings.


The Collections tab is where you will find each of our collections.  Some are labeled as Collections, some as Record Groups, but both types of record allow you to view one of our archival collections.

Digital Material

We do not have any Digital Materials on ArchivesSpace at this time.

Unprocessed Material

The Unprocessed Materials tab is where you will find collections and materials that we have received as donations, but we have not processed yet. You are still able to make an appointment to use these materials, but they are not organized any way beyond how we received them.


The Subjects tab allows you to browse through a list of subjects that the records in our collections and records have been tagged with.  Clicking on a subject allows you to see any collections or records associated with that term.


The Names tab allows you to browse a list of names that are listed in our collections and records.  Some names are names of people, while others are names of organizations.  Clicking on a name allows you to see any collections or records associated with that person or organization.

Record Groups

The Record Groups tab is where you will find the overarching groups that contain our collections.  Some record groups may have multiple collections in them, while others only have one.  Clicking into a record group will allow you to find the collections related to that grouping.