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Using ArchivesSpace

Types of records in ArchivesSpace

Organization of Materials

Record Group
A collection of records that share the same provenance and are of a convenient size for administration.

►Collection or Record Group
   A group of materials with some
   unifying characteristic.

      A group of similar records that
      are arranged according to a
      filing system and that are
      related as the result of being
      created, received, or used in
      the same activity.

         A body of documents within
         a series readily distinguished
         from the whole by filing
         arrangement, type, form, or

            A group of documents
            related by use or topic,
            typically housed in a folder
            (or a group of folders for a
            large file).

Description of Materials

A principal theme or topic of a work.

A corporate body.

A human individual.

A package or housing used to hold materials.


Definitions from A Glossary of Archival and Records Terminology, published by the Society of American Archivists

What is ArchivesSpace?

ArchivesSpace is a web application for sharing information about archival collections. The Slippery Rock University Archives uses ArchivesSpace to create access for researchers to holdings information via finding aids (descriptions of resources and collections). ArchivesSpace may be browsed or and searched by keyword. While some records have links to digital collections, most resources require a visit to the Archives.

What can I use ArchivesSpace for?

The Slippery Rock University Archives houses resources relating primarily to the history of the University. All are welcome to visit the SRU Archives and use the collections, particularly SRU students conducting research. The Archives staff can help you find resources related to your topic, or you may search ArchivesSpace on your own before you visit. 

How Do I Access Archives Materials?

Once you find what you are interested in using ArchivesSpace, make an appointment with us to visit the Archives. Please provide as much information as possible from the ArchivesSpace record. We will make every effort to have the resources ready for you when you arrive. Archival materials may be used on site in the Archives Reading Room.

Please Note

Please note: the ArchivesSpace database is a work in progress. Some items may not yet be included online. If there is something you are looking for that you do not find in ArchivesSpace, please contact the Archives directly.

Slippery Rock University Archives

The Slippery Rock University Archives is located on the 3rd floor of Bailey Library, and is open weekdays from 9-12 and by appointment. Researchers are encouraged to schedule a visit, indicating topic or collection of interest, so that staff can have materials ready for your use. Be advised that food and drink are not permitted in the Archives, and that resources may not be checkout out. Please see our Reading Room Rules for more information.

To find out more about the Archives and browse our digital collections, check out our website. 

Contact the Archives

3rd Floor, Bailey Library
Open M-F 9:00-12:00
and by appointment


Your Friendly Archives Team

Jared Negley
Archives Technician

Judy Silva
Archivist & Special Collections Librarian

Guide Creator

This guide was created by Cassie Frank, temporary Archives/Special Collections Librarian, in Spring 2019.