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Sustainability and the Environment


NEW! An Inconvenient Sequel

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New! 2 copies of An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power are available through Bailey Library - DVD 3288 (2nd floor)

An Inconvenient Truth (2006) is available on the 2nd Floor - DVD 0780  

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Ted Talks on the Environment

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Here is a general list of hundreds of Environmental videos 

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Films on Demand

Search this database for a steaming video. FOD provides over 14,000 documentary and educational videos from a wide variety of producers, such BBC, National Geographic, Cengage Learning, PBS, TED, and Scientific American Frontiers.

Journey to Planet Earth

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Journey to Planet Earth, originally aired on PBS, "dramatizes new ways of looking at the delicate relationship between people and the world they inhabit. The series is designed to help viewers understand and cope with the complexities of developing an agenda to deal with the most important environmental issues of the 21st century."

All 12 discs are available through Bailey Library, 2nd floor, DVDs1426-1436