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Library Research Tips

Retrieving Articles

Retrieving an article from most of the library's databases is usually very simple. Look for a full-text or PDF option in the description of the article or a download option. Below are some examples.

An image indicating an EBSCOhost Search. An arrow points to "PDF Full Text" under an item brief record as showing the article is available in full text, while another arrow pointing to an item record with "Check Availability" under it indicates that the item may need to be found in another article. Arrows pointing to folder icons to the right of the item records indicate that clicking on the icon will allow you to save the item records if you are logged into a myEBSCOhost account.Retrieving an article from an EBSCO database. (Above)

View of article list in ScienceDirect database with arrows pointing to the PDF Icon and "PDF" letters indicating an article can be downloaded in full text.Retrieving an article from ScienceDirect (above).

See also "Interlibrary Loan" page for information on retrieving articles unavailable in full text.

Saving Your Searches for Later

You should create the following accounts before you begin your research. These accounts will save you much time and effort when conducting research over the course of a semester.