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Library Research Tips


One way to do this is via using Ulrich's Periodicals Directory to determine whether or not a publication is peer-reviewed, which is also referred to as "refereed" in some circles. The gallery below this box will guide you, step-by-step, in determining whether or not a publication is peer-reviewed using Ulrich's.

Using Ulrich's to Determine if a Journal is Peer Reviewed

An image of the front page of Ulrich's Periodicals directory.

Step 1. Acquire a journal or periodical title, and go to Ulrich's Periodicals Directory via the library's databases.

Image of the front page of UlrichsWeb Global Serials Directory. In the only search field where information can be entered, enter the name of the journal being searched for.

Step 2. - Enter the Journal Title on the search bar. You may also search by ISSN or keyword.

An image of the results list for a search in Ulrich'sWeb. Little black and white striped referee shirts to the left of an publication title indicate it is considered refereed, AKA Peer-Reviewed, according to Ulrich's information.

Step 3. Review the results and locate your journal. If there is an icon that looks like a referee's shirt next to it, that indicates it is peer-reviewed. If you don't see a referee's shirt, you may want to check on the journal's websitte.