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Sport Management

Welcome! This guide will show you how to access Bailey Library's resources that contain, or may contain, Sport Management Case Studies. Please bear in mind that if you're having any trouble accessing case studies or encountering difficulty accessing the resources or following the steps below, the Business and English Librarian is available to assist.

Accessing Case Studies

Three Journals Where You Are Likely to Find Case Studies

  • Case Studies in Sport Management (Likeliest choice - all this journal has are Case Studies)
  • Journal of Sport and Social Issues (May contain articles, book reviews, and other information besides Case Studies)
  • Journal of Sport Management (May contain articles, book reviews, and other information besides Case Studies)

Step 1: The easiest way to access these journals is via SRU's Discovery Search. (
Login to Discovery using the button in the top right corner. Use your SRU Username and Password.

Step 2: On the drop down menu to the right of the search bar, change “Discovery” to “Library Catalog”

Step 3: Enter the journal name in the search bar as it appears above.

Step 4: Your journal should appear as the top result or among the top results. Click on the journal’s title or on Online Access below it.

Step 5: Scroll down to the section under “View It”. You should have a database, or several databases to choose from.

Step 6: Select a database. Depending on the database selected, you will either have full text access to the journal or you may have indexed access to the journal, meaning you have summaries of the articles in the journal but not the articles themselves. If you only have indexed access, try one of the other databases listed – or you may have to use interlibrary loan to retrieve the articles. (Note that you should not need to use Interlibrary Loan at all for Case Studies in Sport Management. You may need to use it for very recent or very old articles in the Journal of Sport and Social Issues or the Journal of Sport Management. If you need help using Interlibrary Loan, refer to the tutorials here ( or contact your librarian (see below).

Note: If you are off-campus, there may be an additional step between clicking on the database where you have to pass through a KLN (Keystone Library Network) screen and enter your SRU username and password.


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