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APA 6th edition: Citing Websites

This guide details basic information about properly formatting an APA-style paper and its accompanying references.

Citing Websites in APA Style


Information from a website

 Riker, W.T., & Hall, D. (2010) Entertainment secrets and scandals. Retrieved from Entertainment  Secrets website:



Blog post

 Bio-fuel. (2010, March 3). Re: How I save gas money [Online forum comment].  Retrieved from 


Online government document

U.S. Census Bureau. (2010) Statistical Abstract of the United States (228th Ed.).  Retrieved from http://www.


Online video

Randall, A.M. (2008, January 26). The Insane Sea Captain: Ocean Video Blog #18  [Online Video]. Retrieved from



Online book reviews

 La Forge, J. (2008, April 9). Space Engineers [Review of the book Warp speed 2.0, by  J. A. Abraham & S. Smith]. The New Moon Colony Times. Retrieved


Online dictionaries and encyclopedias (start with word or entry used)

 Spaceship. (n.d.) In Encyclopædia Britannica Online. (124th ed.). Retrieved from